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Isle of Ely Waterbeds

Sleep in style and comfort on a Waterbed
Sleep in style and comfort on a Waterbed
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Waterbed - Sleep Sensation

We all live in an extremely stressful world. People have a real need for regular inner rest and quality sleep. Most only achieve this at night in their bedrooms and a waterbed is the ideal solution for this. When you lie on a water bed your body has an immediate feeling of well being, resulting in total relaxation and complete rest. As members of the European Waterbed Association and a supporter of the British Waterbed Association, we are approved distributors for Akva Waterbeds, High & Dry Waterbeds, Eclipse Waterbeds, the Revival Collection and Aquastar Sleep System, we are able to provide you with the bed of your dreams.

We provide a full installation service on all our range of water beds to mainland UK.

Some Facts About Waterbeds...

Akva Soft waterbed
Akva Soft Softside
Akva Waterbeds

There is no age limit to enjoying a waterbed. From the young whose bones are still developing, to those not so young who need more warmth and comfort. The gentle, even support and warmth is particularly beneficial to those suffering from arthritis or rheumatism.

A waterbed gives total even body support by taking the shape of your body, providing the best support your back can get. When you lie on a flotation mattress the water displaces to contour your shape. Sleeping on a waterbed is relaxing and can be more stable than a conventional bed. Thermostatically controlled heaters keep the water at your desired temperature, day and night, winter or summer.

The Parisienne Low Foot Board Waterbed
The Parisienne Low Foot Board
Revival Beds

Waterbeds are durable, a well maintained waterbed mattress can exceed 15 years

Waterbeds are very durable. The normal life of a well maintained mattress can exceed 15 years!

After installation the only maintenance necessary is the addition of a special water conditioner every six months.

The earliest recorded use of a Waterbed was over 3,000 years ago when Persians slumbered on sun-warmed goat skin water bags!




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