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Welcome to Isle of Ely Waterbeds

Sleep in style and comfort on a Waterbed

Whether you are looking for a new water bed, a replacement water bed mattress, renovating or want to convert an existing bed, or planning to move house and need your bed relocating, Isle of Ely Waterbeds are an independent family business that can help - with 30+ years experience to offer you we aim to give you good old fashion free sound advice. So take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, years of experience and free advice - either call, e-mail or visit our showroom to discuss all the options available on our comprehensive range of water beds.

With the complexity of all the options available it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, you really need an expert on hand to guide you through all the options from the different manufacturers. Once you are armed with all the facts you will find deciding what waterbed you should buy much simpler and stress free with the piece of mind that you have our after sales service back-up.

We are here to help you make the right choice – the first time.

For more in-depth information, we invite you to visit our main portal site www.onlywaterbeds.com although there is some general information detailed below.

Our showroom is open 7 days a week (10-4), although week days are usually by appointment.

There are six water beds on display, each having a different mattress stability to try. Each model has different features to show the types of soft side cushions and the drawer / bases. The options are almost limitless and the choice is entirely yours, from size, to colour co-ordination, making it the main feature for your bedroom furniture, or keep it simple to serve its purpose.

We also often have a selection of part exchanged / pre-loved water beds which have been renovated if budget is an issue, or if you just want a second bed for the snoring room it's worth visiting www.waterbedsuk.com.

Why a Waterbed?

  • Total body support
  • Comfortable with no pressure points
  • Temperature controlled
  • So much more Hygienic
  • Versatility
  • No age limitations

Sleep in style and comfort on a Waterbed

The basics.

There are three different types of waterbed,

The older hard sided frame type of bed where there is a 'wooden frame' surround which has a water mattress inside and a stand-up safety liner against the inner edge for security against spillage. The main advantage is the frame can be as plain and simple or as ornate as you want with a colour stained or upholstered finish. The mattress size is commonly know as the 'bed size'. The disadvantages are that the side edge is hard and often difficult to get in / out of.

Although replacement water bed mattresses and spare parts are still available, many manufactures have started to phase this type of bed out of their production program.

Harvester Hard Sided Waterbed

The soft sided water beds are now so much more popular, probably taking 98% of the market. The frame is replaced with a soft cushion which is tapered on the inner edge to maximise on the surface area of the water mattress and can look just like a conventional bed when it is all dressed. As technology has advanced, so has bed designs and there are now three different varients of the soft side water bed rather than the one triangular cushion type.

The 'Mono Block' cushion is the original 9” triangular foam to house the water mattress. Simple, basic and does exactly what it says on the tin – provides a soft sided water bed.

Akva Soft Waterbed
Akva Soft

Improvements in design can offer two types of split cushion where the foam side is literally split in half horizontally. The 'Full Split' has an upper section for the zip casing and cover, the lower section is then upholstered.

Akva Allround
Akva Allround

The 'Half Split' retains the upper section for the zip casing, cover and soft side, the lower section is then usually of a hard/fixed construction. Reducing the depth of cushion maintains a soft side edge, but has less potential wear on the upper foam. The mattress depth remains the same in all models and as the cushion is in two halves this helps the easiness of dressing the bed and can be colour coordinated with room furnishings.

The biggest advantage of all soft side water beds is that they are easier to get in/out of and easier to dress. The disadvantage is that the mattress is slightly smaller due to the cushions.

Akva Deco
Akva Deco

The 'conversion' is where a hard side and soft sided waterbed are combined to make one or a conventional bed frame is converted to take the soft side. More often the 'Full Split' cushion is used for the water bed insert as this is then recessed into the frame and gives it a lower profile and overall height. The 'Mono Block' cushion is generally used when converting a metal frame where the water bed clears the frame rails. In nearly all conversions, there is normally no weight on the frame structure and the frame can revert back to a conventional bed if required.

The advantage is you have the best of both worlds and popular when you convert a TV bed or a metal frame. The disadvantage is that you are effectively buying two beds which is ultimately more expensive and you are governed in size due to the perameters of frame dimensions, whereas a free standing soft sided water bed is not prohibited.

TV Bed
TV Bed
Kaydien Bowburn
Kaydien Bowburn

Mattresses (the important bit).
The very basic principal of a waterbed is that you lay on water which will conform to your body shape which ever position you are in. However, just like many conventional sprung and memory foam beds, there are different types, 5000 or 10000 springs, medium or high density foam, there is generally something for everyone.

A water bed mattress is no different and has different degrees of stability, obviously being water it will move if displaced just like water in a bath. So, to reduce the amount of movement baffles are placed inside.

A free flow mattress is literally a 'bag' of water, so when you move the bed will move and continue moving for a while (as seen on TV !). Using a free flow mattress as an example with the full amount of movement, from here any movement can be reduced by up to 99% - so this possibly has less movement than a conventional sprung mattress.

The relatively new 'Ergo' mattress is a memory foam water bed mattress that has all the same benefits as other well know brands, but has the advantage of a more temperature controlled sleep system.

One big advantage is that it is adjustable. Apart from being able to adjust the temperature to your desired setting, you can also adjust the softness and firmness of the mattress by adjusting the volume of water. This is particularly a huge benefit to women in pregnancy where the bed can be adjusted to suit them. The general rule of thumb is that after nine months the body weight changes again, so the bed can be adjusted back to normal. There is also the option of what we call a dual system where each partner can be a little more independent. Each side can be adjusted with its temperature, softness and firmness, and chosen stability without affecting the other.

A little history about us.

Isle of Ely Waterbeds was born back in the very early 1990's after being made redundant. Since then we have learnt and built the business from scratch, priding ourselves on customer service. We still have customers who stay in contact with us from 30 years ago and now their children are sleeping on water.

As the business grew, we saw models come and go, those that worked and those that were a nightmare. Manufacturers got to know us much better and we built on knowledge, service and honesty.

We are agents for all the main UK and European water bed manufacturers:

As we grew we could offer more information and pass on our knowledge, eventually building a much larger and informative web site to show what we consider to be the best alternative sleep system there is.

Our main portal www.onlywaterbeds.com is where this information is broken down into more detail, the facts, styles, health benefits, water bed models and of course – customer reviews.

We are also founder members of the European Waterbed Association (www.eu-waterbeds.org), after the collapse of the British Waterbed Association. We helped build a network of water bed specialists which is still growing who would work together as the internet grew. So if help was needed across the country, we could point customers in the right direction giving them piece of mind.

Nowadays, there probably isn't a water bed company that has not heard of Isle of Ely Waterbeds. It has taken 20+ years making us proud to have got there and have such credibility with so many other companies.

After Sales and Warranties.

Nearly all our water beds and replacement mattresses supplied come with a five year manufacturers warranty against premature failure or manufacturing faults to the 'seams, corners and filler necks'. Providing we have a full service history while the bed is in warranty, we will endeavour to carry out any repairs within 48 hours (where possible) should the need ever arise.  A service charge will only be made to cover the cost of mileage and fuel costs where travel distance warrants.

Where no service history is available, a full service charge will apply covering the cost of labour/time. Service reminders are sent annually in the month your waterbed was installed. If no response is made, the reminders will stop after two years. A manufacturer may invalidate a mattress warranty if no service history is available during its warranty period.

T & C's.

Your right to cancel

For complete new water beds where a production time is required, all orders may be cancelled within 7 working days from the date of order. A detailed acknowledgement of the order will be e-mailed / posted for confirmation and a 10% deposit of the total will be requested. A handling charge or cancellation fee of 25% of the invoice total may apply if your order is already in production. Your deposit is not refundable.

In the case of stock items, mail order and on-line, goods will be posted with an invoice enclosed. Full payment is requested within 7 days by bacs transfer, cheque or payment card.

Distant Selling

All our water bed product range are made to order and "to your personal requirements or specification" (unless clearly stated as a "stock" item) therefore the "right to cancel or cooling off" period will NOT apply.

Please ask for details or refer to www.gov.uk

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