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Aquastar Sleep Systems

Aquastar Sleep Systems

Aquastar Sleep Systems (formerly known as Armco distribution, Dream Merchants Ltd and Waterbeds Direct), were one of the largest hard sided frame manufacturers in the UK. Like nearly all water bed manufacturers they too turned their attention to the ever increasing popularity of the soft sided water beds.

Over time they had designed and produced a wide range of beds, Siesta, Chameleon, Vika, Hydrosleep, Sophia, Octavia and Baroque which all used the same top section of soft side. This allowed them to streamline and standardise any replacement parts. Zip covers, safety liners and mattresses were all interchangeable for the same size beds which made life a little easier for the customer.

A very popular make of bed back in the day and suited a budget. Sadly with the change in the world economic climate, demand and customer desire for something different, their stock and range has decreased down to a bear minimum offering in part only the most popular that was produced over the years. Their rebranding of Aquastar conditioner to 'I love my waterbed' has confused many customers and a good supply of either of the labelled brands from Aquastar is often very intermittent. However, the Chameleon is still a popular compact simple starter water bed if budget is an issue as it does exactly what it says on the label. The pedestal base is available in a selection of different colours or wood finishes and the overall height can also be changed as an option.


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