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Why a water bed?

Total Body Support.

The main principal of a waterbed is based on 'flotation', the vinyl mattress follows the shape of your body which ever position you lay. Many water bed mattresses are baffled to reduce the amount of movement generated when a person moves. We call that the Wibble Wobble Factor or stability.

There are various rates of stability which often has four different forms of terminology depending on which web-site you visit or specialist you talk to.

Free Flow-0%-F0 layers-15/20 seconds
Semi Flow-50%-F2/3 layers-8/10 seconds
Waveless-75%-F4/5 layers -5/6 seconds
Motionless-95%-F6 layers-2/3 seconds
Fully Stabilised-99%-F7/8 layers-0/1 second ( Ultimate, Mudbed)
Ergo foam (water mattresses)Delayed reaction


Obviously these stability ratings may vary slightly depending on the mattress or fibre manufacturer.

Comfortable with no pressure points
There are no springs that are trying to push back up against you, or compressed memory foam trying to reshape itself. Your body weight displaces the water evenly across the mattress.

The general rule of thumb is that you can adjust the softness and firmness by adjusting the water level depending on your combined body weight. More water tends to make the vinyl more taunt and makes it feel firmer. Reducing the amount of water allows you to 'sink' into the mattress more and therefore makes it feel soft. It is in fact an adjustable bed.

Temperature controlled
Nearly ALL water beds in the UK are fitted with a temperature controlled heater which is adjustable to suit you. Ceramic and Carbon plate heaters are now more commonly used claiming to be more efficient. With the newer digital heaters, not only can you adjust the temperature, you can set the timer for when you want the heater to come on / off, and you can even set your alarm clock !

So much more Hygienic
Because the mattress is made from vinyl, it greatly reduces the risk of harbouring dust mites or bugs. There is little fabric covering on many beds and nearly ALL soft sided water beds have a removable zip top cover that can be washed at 60°. Some manufacturers offer different tops with a higher cotton content, and mattress protector covers that can also be laundered regularly whereas conventional and memory foam mattresses can collect an amazing amount of 'dust' and dead skin over a period of time which cannot always be vacuumed out.

Even with the phasing out of hard sided waterbed frames, the soft sided waterbeds can offer a vast range of colour and fabric options. Some manufacturers will even use a fabric of your choice.

No age limitations
There are no age limits to sleeping on water, generally there is a water mattress that suits nearly everyone.

Although it is NOT recommend for very small infants, there are specially designed water mattresses.

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